I have been blowing lots and lots of raspberries.

I have been blowing lots and lots of rasberries and giggling lots and lots. I’m moving around alot more and make it much harder for Mummy and Daddy to change my nappy. I’m now having 6 feeds a day and only want them once every four hours, around the clock. Poor Mummy is a little tired, so I was a good girl and ate some solids on Sunday (which I still don’t like very much). Mummy hopes I’ll start sleeping more when I eat more solids.

I had a lovely weekend. On Saturday I went to see Father Christmas in a Parade and on Sunday, after I helped Mummy and Daddy with the ‘big shop’, we went for brunch. In the afternoon we went to the gardens so that I could see the ducks and smell the roses.

The weather is much warmer now, though it’s often quite windy. It makes me giggle when the wind blows in my face.