Mummy took me to see the ducks this week.

Mummy took me to see the ducks this week. After weeks of playing with plastic ones in the bath I got to see what a real one looked like and I love ducks – quack, quack! I’ve had a really busy week and have started trying to cover more floor space in any way possible. I can move quite a long way on my back, kicking with my legs, and have also started turning around on my tummy and trying to crawl forward.

The weekend got off to a good start when Mummy and I picked Daddy up from work and went to the pub, where Daddy drank dirty beer and I tipped a glass of ice over one of Daddy’s friends – oops! On Saturday we went to a BBQ and I was very tired after all the fun. On Sunday I played in my new toys, which you can see in the photographs (Christmas has come a little early! tee hee!). Before bedtime I went to the beach and also played on the swings with my Daddy.

I also went for my 5 month check-up and the nurse was very happy with my progress. I am now 62.5cm, weigh 6.3kg and am a very happy little baby!