My First Christmas

On Christmas Eve Mummy and Daddy held a party for me and my friends. We played with balloons and giggled at the big people talking about how much we keep them awake at night. I was especially pleased that Caleb came to the party. You can see us playing together in the photos. After the party I was very tired and cuddled up with Mummy on the sofa.

Christmas Day morning I woke early (after having already woken Mummy and Daddy up twice in the night because I thought I heard Santa’s sleigh bells). Mummy and Daddy were quite tired so I let them have a little morning nap with me. After our nap we sat under the Christmas tree to tear up lots of colourful paper. I loved wrinkling the paper, trying to eat it (when Mummy wasn’t looking) and chew on the labels. I got so many lovely presents (the things wrapped in the fun paper).

After all the excitement I was quite tired so Mummy and Daddy took me out for a walk. I had a lovely sleep in my pram. After my sleep I watched people playing on the beach and saw three of Santa’s helpers. It was very windy and made me giggle. I saw my first New Zealand ‘Christmas tree’ – a Pohutukawa, which was a lovely red colour. When we got home I was quite hungry and ate lots of pureed apple (Mummy and Daddy were very pleased with me).

After a lovely day, a bath with Daddy and a story, I fell asleep and let Mummy and Daddy have some peace and quiet to enjoy their Christmas dinner and a celebratory drink. I can’t wait till my next Christmas.