I cut my first tooth!!

I cut my first tooth on Thursday 22nd January! It didn’t hurt much, thanks to furious chewing on everything I could get my little hands on and yummy rusks and I didn’t wake Mummy and Daddy up anymore than normal. I’m talking heaps, saying ‘ma, ma’ and ‘ba, ba’, but not ‘da, da’ yet.

The weather this week was terrible so we didn’t get out much. Though at the weekend Mummy, Daddy and Aunty Loose took me to see some farm animals. You can see Lucy in the photographs, she fed all the animals and got lots of gunk on her hands, tee, hee! I didn’t like the hens very much, I even quivered my bottom lip and threatened to cry at them, but I loved the sheep and cows. Lucy is living with us for a while and is lots of fun and a great help to Mummy and Daddy.