Mummy, Daddy and I flew down to Queenstown

We had a very exciting start to the New Year, as Mummy, Daddy and I flew down to Queenstown, on 2nd January, for a holiday. I was very good on the plane and even slept part of the way there and part of the way back (though I was sick on the way home after having too much rusk and milk!).

Queenstown was very beautiful and the sun had his hat on and came out to play for the whole of our holiday. It was so hot that I wanted lots to drink (especially at night) and it was also very light till much later than my bed time so I stayed up to party (Mummy and Daddy didn’t mind as they wanted to have fun too, instead of staying in our little motel room). I didn’t like the portacot I was supposed to sleep in so Mummy and Daddy let me in their bed. I was a little starfish in bed, taking up lots of room for such a little’un! Tee hee!

We had lots of fun on holiday, including going to the Glenorchy Races, catching up with Mummy’s friends Helen and Nigel, watching thrill seekers doing jet boating and bungy jumping, taking a Gondala ride to see the beautiful view over Queenstown (where I met a lovely little Chinese girl) and visiting scenic Arrowtown.

I slept alot in my pram and Daddy walked me round the lake at some strange hours of the day to get me to sleep when I was overexcited. Mummy and Daddy also drove on some very bumpy roads to get me to sleep! They went to the Remarkables skifield and Coronet Peak, where they saw some stunning views.

I was so excited the whole holiday and made lots of new sounds to let Mummy and Daddy know just how much I love them. But after all the fun it was good to be home and I slept so well in my own bed (even though I put up a bit of a fuss getting to sleep!).