I can say ‘Da, Da’

After weeks of listening to Daddy say, ‘Da, Da’ and winding him up by only saying ‘Ma, Ma’, I’ve finally given him what he wanted and started speaking those special words.

I’ve had a lovely week and survived the terrible storms Wellington has been having. Daddy took me swimming this week and I went under the water for the first time, which I loved. At the weekend we went for a walk and played on the beach, where I got very excited playing with the sand, trying to eat the pebbles and squealing at the doggies.

Still no sign of any more teeth. I’m now enjoying solids more, especially all things sweet (my latest favourite is apple custard – yummy!). I also love ‘mousetraps’ (marmite on oven baked toast). Yummy, yummy, in my tummy! 🙂