My First Overseas Experience (Part Three)

My Great Grandma, who’s 90 this year, came to stay at Grandma and Grandad Aspinall’s house in Fleet, Hampshire. She was so beautiful and amazing. I sat on her knee for a cuddle, went for a walk at Fleet Pond and even went out for a pub lunch (I had lots of yummy, green peas from Great Grandma’s plate!). She played with me and has a lovely smile.

We all went on an outing to visit my Great Aunty Ellen and Great Uncle John in Portsmouth and I met my second cousin, Dylan, who was born just after me. He was lovely and so were his Mummy and Daddy.

Later on in the week I went to Marwell Zoo with Grandma, Mummy and Daddy and saw some very tall giraffes, funny monkeys, black and white zebras and big tigers. It was lots of fun. I love animals.

At the end of the week Grandma and Grandad held a party and invited lots of Mummy and Daddy’s friends. There were two newborns and a little boy, Joshua, who is my age. We had lots of fun and ate lots.

We also went on a train to London to see two more of my second cousins – Mia and Anya, who had only just been born! Mia was so beautiful and played with me. Her little baby sister was amazing and so tiny. After our visit we went for a walk along by The Thames. It was a lovely sunny day and I enjoyed waving at everyone from my backpack.

After all the fun in Fleet, and Mummy’s 30th Birthday, it was time to pack up and head up North to see my other Grandma and Grandad and meet more of my family!