My First Overseas Experience (Part Two)

Grandma and Grandad Aspinall, Aunty Claire, Mummy, Daddy and I travelled to Falmouth for a holiday at the seaside in sunny Cornwall.

It took us 7 hours to get there (5 hours of driving) and I was quite good, but Mummy and Daddy had to work hard to entertain me as I don’t like being in a car seat for long! They said it was easier to fly half way round the world!

When we finally arrived we settled into our beautiful holiday appartment with awesome views of Falmouth harbour. I was up at the crack of dawn every day to enjoy the sunrises (and Daddy was too!).

We went out on an adventure every day of our holiday. Falmouth itself was lovely and we did a great coastal walk and saw lots of dogs on the beach. I love dogs and can say ‘dog’ now – as well as ‘ta’ for thank you or ‘I want’, ‘ma, ma’, ‘da, da’ and cat. I also say lots of other things – which the grownups think is just gobbledigook, but I know what I mean!

Two of our adventures included boat trips. One boat went to St Mawes and the other to Flushing. At both places we went for a walk in the countryside. I got the best views from my backpack and Daddy earned his pints of lager at the pub stops on the way! We almost missed our boat home from St Mawes as the grownups were having so much fun in the pub! On the way home a nasty wave soaked Mummy and I, just when I was enjoying a peaceful feed too!

The other places we visited were ‘The Lost Gardens of Heligan’, ‘The Cornish Seal Sanctuary’ and St Ives (where we visited the Tate Gallery and smelt lots of yummy Cornish Pasties!).

Mummy and Daddy went out for a nice meal together one night (a rare treat!) and I was very well behaved for Grandma and Grandad.

It was a brilliant holiday, with lots of cuddles from Grandad, stories from Grandma (she makes great animal noises that make me giggle!) and card playing with Aunty Claire. I was very good on the car journey back to Fleet in Hampshire, where my overseas experience continues…