I’m back from my travels!

It’s been three weeks since we landed back in New Zealand. I had a lovely time in the UK and really love my family. I was very good on the flight home.

I keep looking at the photographs of my holiday and giggling. Whenever I walk past a person in a frame I point and smile.

Since I’ve been back I’ve been busy catching up with old friends and have adjusted quite well to the time change. However, one night I decided to wake up at 1am and not go back to sleep. Mummy and I took Daddy into the office at 7am and I had a wee nap in the car. Mummy and Daddy drank coffee on the sidewalk and said the feeling reminded them of when they used to party all night! After that night my body clock was back to normal.

The weather has been quite warm and sunny since we’ve been back so Mummy has taken me to the park and beach lots. I love watching grains of sand falling through my hands and digging. Mummy and I have met Daddy for lunch quite a few times and played in the park. I tried my first icecream and loved it – except that Daddy ate most of it and left me with a mini icecream of my own – it was VERY mini!

Daddy has started playing soccer again and Mummy and I have watched him once. I wanted to crawl on the grass. It felt funny and I got quite muddy! The leaves are falling off the trees at the moment and I love catching them in the wind – and trying to eat them, much to Mummy’s disgust!

Simba, my cat, is glad to see me, though he doesn’t like it when I pull his tail! He is also getting a bit nervous at my increased mobilty. I can stand up for ages now without holding on to anything and am close to walking. I prefer to take my stroller for a walk now instead of being pushed around in it!