My Christening

The morning of my Christening I was having such a good nap. Mummy and Daddy hovered over my bed as late as possible before having to wake me gently to get me to church on time. With minutes to spare we arrived at the church. It was a lovely service, with some beautiful songs. I especially liked the part when I was given my own little candle and was transfixed by the flame. The service was long – a whole hour and a half – but I was very grown up and didn’t grumble once (though Mummy and Daddy did have to distract me a few times when I threatened to let my lower lip wobble!). Lots and lots of my family were there. I was quite overwhelmed by all the people.

The vicar was lovely and I was very good for him when it was my turn to be baptized. I even gave the congregation a wave afterwards and the vicar asked if I’d like another go! Splishy, splashy!

My Godparents are Uncle Tony and Aunty Sue and Aunty Claire.

The celebratory party afterwards was brilliant, though I was a little shy with all my Great Aunts, Great Uncles and second cousins. So many people to meet! I had a lovely cake, though I didn’t eat any.