My First Overseas Experience (Part Four)

Being born in the hills of Wellington I felt right at home in the hills of Lancashire, especially with all the sheep! Baaa! I went on lots of lovely walks with my Mummy and Daddy and saw lots of lambs waggling their tails. The countryside was beautiful with lots of new leaves on the trees and blossom in the air. I loved meeting Chinese Grandma and Grandmad. They have a very friendly dog called Dali. We took him on a few walks.

One day we went on an outing to Blackpool with Chinese Grandma. She won me a big orange fish – just like Nemo! It was great fun and I thought the amusement park was brilliant, except all the excitement tired me out and I fell asleep in my backpack! Chinese Grandma gave me lots of yummy things to eat, like jelly, and when we went out I had some of her tea cake. She was lots of fun. She bought me a walker from a car boot sale, which I loved so much.

Mummy and Daddy took me to the Lake District one day and we visited The Beatrix Potter Museum. I love Peter Rabbit and his friends. We also went on a boat on Lake Windemere, it was beautiful. One another day we went to Howarth, where the Bronte sister’s lived and where ‘The Railway Children’ was filmed. We went on a lovely walk.

I had lots of family to meet. Six, big cousins for starters – Jack, Michael and Aaron, Daniel, Jordan and James. Then there were my Aunts and Uncles, who were really nice. We stayed at my Uncle Christophers for two nights. I loved him and meeting my cousins, but I was teething and it was hard to be my usual cheerful self when my teeth were hurting so much and I was far away from home. Uncle Christopher took us for a walk around his golfcourse and a nice pub lunch.

I really loved my time in Lancashire meeting all my family. It was very sad to say goodbye, but soon I’ll be big enough to talk to them on a telephone!