Busy as a bee, zzzzz

I’ve been such a busy bee these past few weeks. I am lucky to have some lovely friends and get out every day to do something, somewhere. I’ve been to the zoo lots (as I have an annual pass and Mummy loves the coffee they serve there!), the museum (love the Maori Discovery Centre, where they have great dress ups – including a tuatara tail – my favourite – and poi poi balls), the beach and swimming (I go under the water lots now and know to close my eyes and hold my breath, I can blow bubbles too!). Mummy loves her lattes so we go to cafes lots too – especially ones with good toys for me to play with!

I also like going to the library, where there are lots of comfy places to cuddle up with Mummy and have a read. I like books very much. Mummy and Daddy have huge books with no pictures – I like flicking through the pages and seeing all those words, but am not in a hurry to grow up and read them as pictures are much more fun! At home my favourite place to read is on the sheepskin rug by the fire.

Mummy and Daddy are really well and are having lots of laughs with me. I can walk really fast now and am almost running. I try to dance too and love music (see me in the photographs having a sing and dance with Mummy and Daddy!).

I’m starting to talk and some of my new words are ‘bye, bye’, ‘back’ (as in to put things back), ‘moon’, ‘ball’, ‘duck’ and ‘boo’.

Life is so much fun. I am still sleeping quite well and am moving to one nap during the day time. I love exploring and learning new things. I’ve already grown so much in my little life. See me with my cuddly toys in the moses basket I used to sleep in!

‘Bye, bye’ for now! xx