Daddy’s Birthday Part I

On Thursday 10 February, we arrived in Sydney (where ‘Nemo’ lives) after a brilliant flight, except for when I accidentally dropped ‘bear’ down the toilet, but Daddy rescued him and we gave him a good wash. I saw clouds, blue sky and blue sea from the window and was so excited about seeing Aunty Lucy (‘A Lulu’).

I didn’t go to bed till late, as I was so excited, but it meant we had time to unpack and for me to help Daddy buy some milk and bread (I can say ‘milk, bread, pay, money’ etc. so am very useful when it comes to doing the shopping these days!). I didn’t sleep much on the first night and couldn’t wait to explore, so Daddy and I took a stroll at 4.30am round Darling Harbour. We discovered where all the best places to visit were and I was finally ready to have a little more sleep, after an hour or so…

We woke on Friday morning to a lovely view, including a building site! I was really pleased to see lots of ‘Bob the Builders’ and put on my Bob shoes to say ‘morning’ to them all.

After breakfast, a play in the nearby playground and large coffees for Mummy and Daddy, we went to the Aquarium to see ‘Nemo’ and saw ‘Mr. Ray’, big sharks, star fish (I touched one!) and lots of clown fish, blue tang and yellow tang. I loved the aquarium and tried to feed the fish my grapes, but they wouldn’t stop to eat as they were too busy swimming (I did tell them to ‘stop swimming’, but I don’t think fish have very good hearing).

I was quite sleepy after the aquarium so went ‘bye, byes’ in my ‘buggy’ whilst Mummy and Daddy explored the Chinese Gardens, bought new toys for me at Paddy’s Market and had a ‘beer’. I woke up whilst they were having beer and had a little milk cocktail (on ice) and some chicken satay sticks. We strolled home for a play with my toys in our apartment and then went back to the aquarium for a final visit before eating dinner and going to bed.

The next day was Daddy’s Birthday and we were going to see Aunty Lucy (lots of clapping, laughing and leg kicking!). We had breakfast with Aunty Lucy and I helped Daddy to blow out four candles on a muffin. Then we went for a lovely walk to the Botanical Gardens, where we met Mummy’s friend Avril and her fiance Nigel (who had very long hair, which I just couldn’t stop looking at!)….