Daddy’s Birthday Part II

We had a brilliant time in the gardens and saw tons of flying foxes ‘bats’ hanging in the trees. I loved playing with Aunty Lucy and running around on the grass. After lots of fun I finally fell asleep and Mummy and Daddy enjoyed some ‘beers’ with their friends by the Opera House whislt I slept.

When I woke it was mid-afternoon and time for me to get back to my toys for a little play, so we boarded a ‘yellow boat’ (a water taxi) and returned to Darling Harbour. We had a lovely play before bedtime and then Mummy and Daddy had more beers with their friends. Daddy had a really brilliant Birthday and I loved helping him to blow out his candles and he was very pleased with the Birthday card I had made him.

I slept quite well (except I woke at 5.30am and didn’t want to go back to sleep, so Daddy took me on a long walk again and I finally went back to sleep around 6.30am and slept till 8.30am). We had a lovely day with Aunty Lucy, a big breakfast, a go on the ‘Gee Gees’ and a go in a little ‘orange’ boat, visited a cathedral with colourful windows and heard beautiful music. I helped Mummy to light a candle and said some special words. We ate ‘Dim Sum’ for lunch and I even managed to eat a little with chop sticks (Chinese Grandad would be very ‘proud’).

I slept well on our last night and we had a really good flight back home to Wellington. I was very sad to say ‘bye, bye’ to Aunty Lucy, but will definitely see her ‘again’. I was really pleased to be home and slept very well in my own bed. I now have so many new things to ‘dream’ about. I went to sleep saying ‘Gee, Gee, dream’…