Soaking up the last of the summer sun

The summer sun is cooling and with the southerly wind I’m trying on all my autumn jumpers and hats. A few rain showers have given me an excuse to splash in the puddles, wear my new gumboots and raincoat, and dance under my little umbrella. I can say so many words now and really enjoy having a little chat with Mummy and Daddy when we’re sat down for dinner or out in a cafe. I have a little fluffy milk whilst Mummy and Daddy have coffee (with magic beans in it to keep them sparky!).

My new found joy is jumping, I jump everywhere and can now jump forwards and do star jumps. I think I’m getting close to beating ‘Tigger’ at his own game! I love jumping in the swimming pool too and enjoy jumping under the water, to try and touch the bottom, and then jumping back up to the surface (Mummy and Daddy have to keep a very close eye on me!).

I love climbing too and am becoming a real little monkey with strong arms like my Aunty Claire. I sometimes watch the climbers on the climbing wall and ask Mummy if I can, ‘do bigger?’.

I’ve been enjoying some lovely days in the sun at the beach and the zoo (I love the nocturnal house ‘dark house’ where I’ve seen the ‘gecko, kiwi’ and tuatara (I can’t say that one yet!). On Sunday Mummy and Daddy took me to Staglands park where I fed lots of animals (including a Kea and some Rainbow Trout), sat on a little pony and stroked a rabbit. I love animals.

I’ve been sleeping in my own bed since we got back from Sydney and much prefer it. I also love it when Mummy sleeps with me for some of the night and she loves it too. I have a nice double sofa bed on the floor, which we put down at night time and I love having a little bounce before bathtime. Daddy still loves to come in the bath, but sometimes I want it all for myself so I can practice being a sea turtle. When I want Daddy to get out I say, ‘Daddy, out’ and point very firmly (Mummy says I’ve inherited the pointy finger from Grandma Aspinall!).

I’m learning to use a potty and have done a few ‘poo, poos’ and waved them ‘bye, bye’ down the toilet. I’m not very good at getting to the potty in time for ‘nee, nees’ but I am telling Mummy when I feel ‘wet’ and keep her busy making lots of little puddles everywhere (uh oh!).

I really love the weekends when Daddy is home to play and on Monday morning, when he has to go to work, I say ‘Daddy, work, money’! Daddy says I am cheeky quite alot!

My favourite games at the moment are peek a boo and hide and seek (except I don’t yet realise that standing in a corner with my eyes closed is not quite hiding and when I do find a good hiding place, like behind the door, I tend to give myself away by murmuring, ‘hide, hide, hide’ and giggling!). I also like kicking and throwing balls, playing with trains and cars, building with my lego and blocks and talking to my bears and animal friends. I also like to try and help Mummy with the housework.

Mummy and Daddy tell me I am a good girl and I am learning to share and take turns (but there is so much to learn about ‘social conduct’!). I love giving hugs and kisses and always like to make people ‘better’ when I see them hurt.

I am looking forward to Easter, when we all go away on holiday to the South Island to see penguins and albatross.

Bye, bye for now xx