My First FunFair

Daddy took me to the funfair and won me a hat. I had a ride on a little elephant and a car. I loved the bright lights and music.

The weather had been quite nice so we’ve been out lots (though cold at night, so I love helping Mummy screw up the newspaper and hand her the ‘kindling’ to make the fire).

I’m still loving swimming and now dive underneath to catch things from the bottom of the pool.

My favourite toys at the moment are Thomas the Tank Engine and friends and Bob the Builder (I’m quite a tom-boy!). I can say my name ‘Charlotte’ properly now and know that I’m nearly two year’s old and would like all my favourite friends to come to my party and eat cake! I keep telling Mummy and Daddy to put ‘Thomas, James, Nemo and Bob’ on the cake, it’s going to be a ‘busy cake’!

It is Mummy’s Birthday this week so I plan to practice my blowing out of candles and singing Happy Birthday.

I’m enjoying my books these days (which Mummy likes to, as she gets a chance to sit down and relax).

I’ve started using the potty for ‘nee, nees’ and ‘poo, poos’ when I’m at home (but only if I’m running around without any underpants on!). I like to pour my nee, nees down the toilet, press the button and say, ‘bye, bye’.

I like talking to Grandma and Grandad on the telephone (Grandma drinks ‘Gin’ and Grandad likes ‘beer’!).

I’ve got to go now, I’m having an indoor picnic with my teddy bears and ‘Baldy Bear’ wants me to read a story to him about a dog with a bone….