On the beach in Byron Bay

Now I’m 2 years old I get to have my very own seat when I go flying with Mummy and Daddy and I loved flying to Australia. I managed to keep awake till it was time to get on the airplane and had my nap late afternoon on the aeroplane (I have this ‘time zone’ thing sussed!). When I woke up we were high above the clouds and I enjoyed playing with the free headphones and making my ‘Tractor Tom’ dance to the music.

After landing in Brisbane we had a long drive to Byron Bay, so I fell asleep and was happy to be carried into bed in our holiday home. We all slept well and had wonderful dreams (we bought a ‘Dream Catcher’ on holiday and I love the story of how the bead in the middle of the web stops all the bad dreams from getting through and the feathers hanging down attract and let through the good dreams).

Our holiday home was great, with a huge ‘King Size’ bed for all of us to cuddle up in (we did lots of sleeping on holiday!). We were only a two minute walk to Tallow Beach, where there was lots of ‘squeaky’ sand to play in. I loved burying Daddy and building big sandcastles. We saw Pelicans on the beach every day and even saw dolphins playing in the surf. There were lots of funny ‘turkey’ like birds in the bush around our holiday home, which I liked to chase. We also saw kookaburas (which I loved to say lots) and every morning I’d listen for the birds before sitting up in bed and saying, ‘Yes! Morning time!’.

When the wind got up and it was too cold to play at the beach we went exploring. We went to a ‘Crystal Maze’ one day, where there were lots of lovely stones and crystals and magic fairy dust. I was very clever and told Mummy I needed a ‘poo, poo’ and went on the big toilet! On another day we went to a wildlife park, where I fed kangaroos and Mummy fed lorikeets (two landed on her head, which made me giggle!). We also rode on a little train, which was blue like Thomas.

On another day we drove into the ‘hinterland’ and went on a bush walk to see a very big waterfall, called Minyon Falls. I loved walking in the ‘jungle’ and we saw lots of cheeky kookaburas.

In Bryon Bay town there were lots of nice shops (which Mummy loved!) and lots of places to buy yummy icecream (which I loved!) and a huge swing, that I called Dusty, which I liked to soar high in the sky on and tilt my head back to get a ‘head rush’!

There was a big lighthouse on a cliff top that had amazing views. We saw two whales blowing water high in the air and some dolphins far below us.

Every evening, when it was dark, I liked to get Daddy a beer from the fridge. We ate lots of yummy food and fruit on holiday. There was a great little curry place over the road from our holiday house, where we sat on the floor to eat (a toddler’s dream!).

It was a great holiday and brilliant to play with Mummy and Daddy for two weeks (Baldy Bear loved it too!). We had a great flight home and I missed my nap altogether on our return journey, as I was so excited to be home and see all my toys and Simba, our lovely cat.

BIG NEWS: I stopped having milk from Mummy on holiday! I kissed Mummy and said, ‘Bye bye baboo’. I haven’t asked for it since. Mummy is going to have a baby around Christmas time and my baby brother or sister will need the milk. I really am a big girl now!

Our photo album…

Byron Bay 2005