Happy ‘Kissmass’!

Happy ‘Kissmass’! It’s been so much fun waiting for Christmas Day, especially as we’ve got Chinese Grandma visiting from England and the weather has been beautiful. I’ve been having lots of fun getting everyone wet in the sun (tee hee!) and playing out.

We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of my little brother or sister. Mummy has been having tummy pains since Christmas Eve, but no show of baby yet, maybe Boxing Day… waiting, waiting…! At least we all enjoyed a very special Christmas Day together, without Mummy having to miss out on the present opening and lovely Christmas dinner, which Chinese Grandma cooked beautifully. Unfortunately I have a stinking cold, so wasn’t up to eating heaps, but somehow managed to find plenty of room for chocolate treats!

I went out for a play at the playground around midday and had a good nap afterwards. I still have some pressies to open and have enjoyed taking my time and enjoyed playing with so many lovely new toys, that will keep me busy for weeks (so Mummy and Daddy hope!).

On Christmas Eve we put out carrots for the reindeer, milk and a beer for Father Christmas, a muffin and mince pie and I also left a torch and some playing cards! We lit some sparklers and had a special little Christmas Eve sing-a-long on the deck before bedtime and I slept well, despite my cold.

Enjoy the photographs… xx