Hello World

I thought I’d wait till Boxing Day to make my grand entrance, so that my big sister, Charlotte, could enjoy Christmas Day with Mummy, Daddy and Grandma. I arrived at just past 8.30am on Boxing Day morning and was home later that day.

I am a very content baby, especially as Mummy’s milk came in, in abundance, within 36 hours and so I do very little but eat and sleep and haven’t really asserted my voice yet! I regained my birth weight by day five and am thriving on all the cuddles from Chinese Grandma, Daddy and Mummy.

My big sister, Charlotte, is very gentle and kind to me. She has helped to bathe me twice and likes to give me little massages and read me stories.

The weather has been very hot and I enjoyed my first day out with my family on New Years Eve. We went to the Botanic Gardens and whilst I slept, and Mummy tried to sit comfortably on the grass (!), Daddy and Charlotte played ball. In the afternoon Mummy and I went to watch Daddy and Charlotte swimming (except I slept through the grand performance, but Mummy tells me my big sister loves the water).

It’s going to be a fun New Year and Mummy and Daddy hope my good sleeps continue to progress (as they told me Charlotte is a live wire and they’d be very grateful if I was a little chilled out!).

Bye for now xxx