All smiles and ‘coos’!

Sleep, eat, poo and pull ‘boulder faces’ (as my big sister says), that is my life to date! I’ve been charming everyone with first smiles and coos and already have Mummy and Daddy where I want them (cleaning at both ends and giving me endless love and cuddles!). My big sister is fantastic and loves to help Mummy look after me.

We’re been out on a few day trips and even had a weekend away in the countryside. I’ve been to the beach, a farm, a river, the cinema, what a life!

I love Mummy’s milk and gobble it up very fast (as my big sister doesn’t give me much time to savour my meals!). I’m normally awake for an hour before needed to have some more dream time and am giving Mummy some good four hour sleeps at night and going straight back to sweet slumbers after a quick feed.

The local nurse visited me last week and I’m growing really well and she said I was very strong and alert for my age (I need to be strong with all the BIG cuddles I get from Charlotte!).

I’ve loved having Chinese Grandma to cuddle and love me. She sings me songs and chats away to me, I shall miss her very much when she returns to England next week.