Gardens Magic

Mummy and Daddy took me out for a special evening in the Botanical Garden. We played at the Swings and Slides, fed the ducks and then enjoyed a concert. I loved the music and danced, in a trance, under the lights and the twinkling glitter ball. I chased spotlights up and down the pavement over and over again and gazed in wonder at the flowers and trees lit up with every colour of the rainbow.

I’ve been enjoying so many special days with my family and Grandma. At the weekend we went up the coast to Lindale Farm, where I fed some animals and had a ride on a tram on the way back to Wellington. The weather has been great and I enjoying chilling out in the shade on the deck with my little sister.

When we’re not out and about we are having lots of fun at home, playing in the paddling pool, having water fights, doing chalk drawings and playing with my toys. I still love Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends and play with my train toys lots and lots.

I love my little sister too and am getting very protective over her and am very proud of her.