Greytown with Grandma

I had a brilliant weekend away in Greytown with Grandma and my sister. We visited Staglands Wildlife Park on the way and whilst we were in Greytown we went to a HUGE swing bridge and played by the river. There was an outdoor pool and playground opposite our cottage, so I loved playing there everyday. Best of all, there was a very yummy chocolate shop in Greytown that sold some strange and wonderful tasting chocolate; like ‘Lemon Grass’, ‘Rose’ and ‘Chilli’ flavour!

We ate a lovely BBQ meal every evening and I loved playing in the little cottage garden and collecting rose petals, though I did miss my ‘rainbow bed’ at home (even though the pillows in the cottage smelt of lavender and were very comfy).

On the way back home we stopped for a very windy blow of fresh air and a run around. It was a great little weekend away.