Life’s a Beach!

I spent hours thanking the waves for filling up my bucket of water, over and over again at Scorching Bay at the weekend! I love playing at the beach and it will be fun when my little sister is old enough to join me. Sophie is content to sleep in the sling and feed (and occasionally poo!).

Grandma, Mummy, Sophie and I went to Oriental Bay Beach last week and have also been rock pooling at Lyall Bay. I love running in and out the water, singing songs and dancing in the waves. The other weekend we went to Eastbourne and I enjoyed running around, eating icecream and sunning it up. Summer time is so much fun and long may it last!

We all went to ‘The Teddy Bear’s Picnic’ at the weekend and I loved singing along to the songs and even got invited on stage to sing, ‘Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, Turn Around’ song (I charmed the lady on stage by blowning her kisses!).

We also went to a brilliant swimming pool, with waves and great slides. Mummy and Sophie watched and had a little paddle, whilst Daddy and I did the ‘wild stuff’. I’m looking forward to Mummy going swimming again with me very soon (and she’s looking forward to it too!).

It’s an extra special summer having had so much fun time with Daddy and sharing my fun with Sophie, who I love to tickle, stroke, kiss, hug and sing to.