One week old

I’m over a week old and thriving. I’m gaining weight nicely and producing lots of lovely curry sauce looking poos for Mummy, Daddy and Grandma! I do very little but eat and sleep and haven’t really given anyone a show of what my lungs are capable of yet. I’d much prefer to quietly observe the world around me than let the world know I’m here, thus I’m a very peaceful cherub that has yet to have a crying spell. My big sister is a very busy bee, making enough noise for the both of us, and is very attentive and increasingly loving towards me. I’ve already been shopping, to a farm, to the Botanical Garden, to the swimming pool and the cinema, but slept through everything!

I very much love Chinese Grandma, who gives me lots of love and cuddles. She says the funniest things and sings lots of great songs. I will miss her when she flys home to England and am so pleased she has been here to greet me on my arrival into the world.