Happy Days with Grandma

What a brilliant time I have had with ‘Chicken’ Grandma! She flew back to England on Sunday and I went to the airport to say ‘bye-bye’. I was very brave, as I did feel sad to say, ‘bye-bye’, but I think of all the happy things we have done and then I don’t feel so bad (just like the ‘Favourite Things’ song that I love on The Sound of Music!). Mummy says that Grandma is always in my heart and never far away, so I asked if I could open up my body and find her there! I was very excited to talk and see Grandma on the computer, after she got home, and look forward to more ‘video-conferences’!

Grandma taught me all about castles (and built lots of them with me), she also taught me some cheeky rhymes, my favourite being, ‘Cook-a-doodle-doo, the chicken wants a poo!.

Before she left we went to the garden centre and bought some beautiful flowers to plant (as flowers always make me feel happy, especially if I feel sad). I have a beautiful red flower in my bedroom and planted some cress seeds in cotton wool and tricked them into thinking they were under the ground by covering them. They have grown really quickly and I have already tasted a little cress and made a sandwich, yummmmmmmy!

I remember all the great days I’ve had with Grandma and can’t wait to see her again and meet Grandad and Aunty Claire. I am so lucky to have such a loving family.