Regressing and Double Standards

I’m coping quite well with being a big sister, but all the double standards are a little tough to understand at times. I am experimenting with baby behaviour, at times, to see what response I get. So far I have tried wetting my pants, pooing on the floor instead of the toilet, crawling, scratching Sophie (well she does it to me and doesn’t get told off) and making loud noises when Sophie is trying to get to sleep.

I’m not getting a whole lot of attention for the baby behaviour, so am thinking it might not be such a good idea. Besides, being a big girl is so much more fun. Sophie can’t eat anything exciting, like icecream and chips, and can’t go down a slide or climb a ladder.

Mummy is a little frazzled, but manages to be patient most of the time!

We still go out to all my favourite places, only life is a little different these days and I am learning how to be patient very quickly. I am very good at helping Mummy with Sophie, especially when she needs a nappy change, or needs entertaining in her car seat whilst Mummy gets organised (getting organised can take a very long time sometimes!).