The Harsh Reality of IT

A colleague left us today, we ordered in some pizza and we all had a good time.

One of the pizzas was called the “Works” (and not bad I might add either). But some mischevious office soul (to remain unnamed) decided to write “Unlike [our departing colleague] this” above!!

Most hilarious you think, and initially it coaxed out a chuckle from myself. Jeremy was indeed known to spend considerable time around the company pool table (often with high ranking staff to his credit!!). But it was unfair to say he did not work.

Jeremy diligently maintained our desktops, keeping them regularly patched to avoid the worms, viruses and other IT vermin out. Not only the desktops, but the servers. The virus patterns, the log scanning, the desktop support itself, the network infrastructure. The result – 100% uptime.

People sometimes take that for granted. Perhaps the best Internal IT department is one that people say nothing about.

So the next time you order a “Works” pizza, think of us IT souls that keep your company’s electronic lifeblood flowing.

And save us a piece.