Five Month Munchies

Five month’s old and real food is yum, yum, yummy! I’ve been pointing to my mouth for weeks, whenever Mummy, Daddy or Charlotte eat, and grabbing for food and drinks round the dinner table, but it’s taken a while for my folks to get the hint and let me at the real stuff. After weeks of teasing me they finally let me have my first taster… bananas.

Well, there’s no going back now, I LOVE food! I’ve now tried banana and carrot (not together!) and demolished every morsel. I love to take a spoon and feed myself, so Mum has a four spoon merry-go-round (two spoons for me and two for her). My ability to guzzle Mummy’s milk at record breaking speed has followed on to my supreme skills at munching down real food. Mummy is extremely grateful that I am a no-fuss baby and she doesn’t have to spend hours feeding me, as we keep busy chasing after Charlotte.

Today we were out from 9am till 4pm and went for a huge walk from ‘Aunty’ Violet’s house down towards Breaker Bay, onto Seatoun (where we stopped for lunch – carrots for me, yummy!) and back round to Strathmore. On the way home, we stopped into see the Plunket nurse for my 5-month check-up and I now weigh 6.275kg and am 62cm long.

I was a happy camper all day and am still quite a ‘chilled’ little personality. I sleep 12 hour’s at night – but do wake for Mummy’s milk (not that she minds) and take 3 naps a day (totally around 3 hours during the day). I spend my day naps in the front pack or the sling (Mummy is thankful that I’m still light enough to carry around!).

I melt Daddy’s heart with my deep, thoughtful eyes and love to stare at him in a ‘meaningful’ way and squeal with delight when he gets home from work.