Mothers’ Day

So, now I’m a ‘Mother’ and how does ‘Mothers’ Day’ make me feel? Do I really need a day in the year to celebrate being a mother? Do I need my children to acknowledge me in any special way on this one day of the year? I think not. Just as in romance, I love spontaneity. Every time one of my children turn a year older I feel a special warmth in my heart, remembering the day they came into the world and touched my spirit with a love I could never have imagined.

Mothers’ Day is fine and the traditions are nice to honour, but my children are too young to understand the traditions or ‘honour’ me in any way the retail industry would like. They make me feel special and honoured every day and night. I don’t need gifts or cards to feel their love or appreciation (though when they’re old enough to earn a pay packet, then the odd bunch of flowers or box of chocolates will of course be gratefully appreciated!).

So, what did we do on Mothering Sunday? Well, I told Dan we wouldn’t do anything. But, he did feel obliged to get a card. The card was a nice touch, but better still was the envelope, on which Charlotte had attempted to write (and I could read it!), “I love you?”. It is the first piece of legible writing she has done (and I don’t expect legible writing from a 2 year old).

It blew me away to be able to read her squiggles, but I would have been delighted even if I couldn’t have read them. She often draws and writes these days and I love to hear her explain what it is she’s trying to convey.

It rained on Mothering Sunday and in the afternoon we went for a walk (Sophie needed a nap) and Charlotte was worried that the sun would never come out again, saying, “Charli feels sad in her heart, will the sun never come out again?”. We needed to show Charlotte that, in the great English tradition, ‘We will have fun, whatever the weather’. So we got togged up and went for a walk. We stopped in at a cafe for a coffee and cake mid-way round and felt great for the fresh air. Charlotte’s spirit was restored and Dan and I had a ‘moment’ where we held hands and looked in each other’s eyes for longer than a second (this doesn’t happen very often these days, as our hands are usually full with the children, bags, dirty nappies etc.). It was a day like any other, but because it was ‘Mother’s Day’ I guess it did make me reflect on this special role I’ve been blessed with and I couldn’t help but look forward to more rainy days and shared moments with Dan, as well as our beautiful girls.