Sophie is 1 year old!

Sophie turned 1 today! She took her first steps on Christmas Eve and is practicing at every opportunity. She got a trike (just like her big sister’s one) for her Birthday (as she’s been trying to get at Charli’s for a month or two!). It’s frightening to see her ride so fast (especially backwards – she takes after her Mummy in her ability to do a three-point-turn at high speed!).

Sophie has been busy cutting a couple of new teeth in time for her Birthday (including her first molar!). In laid back Sophie style she hasn’t been too bothered with her new pearly whites, just a little restless at night time. She certainly appreciates her new teeth in aiding her munching abilities (mmm, here she is enjoying some cake, ice-cream and strawberries on her Birthday):

And in hi-tech style she ‘talked’ with some of her family overseas over a video conference: