Sophie Talk: 15 Month Update

Sophie says:


The first time I said, ‘More’ was when I wanted to feed our cats. Pouring the cat biscuits out in the morning is so much fun. I also love pouring water and filling up bottles in the bath to make lots of bubbles. Blowing bubbles in the bath and at the swimming pool is lots of fun too.

I’m learning words quickly now and Mummy, Daddy and Charlotte are working hard to understand my babble.

Other first words (other than Mummy, Daddy and Char, Char) are coffee, beer and chocolate (says a lot about my family!).

I can also say ‘off’ (which I use when I want to get off a swing or sea-saw) and I also nod my head for ‘yes’ and ‘no’.

I still love my food of all kinds and don’t really have any strong favourite (though I eat more meat than my big sister). I still enjoy Mummy’s milk (but only once during the day and two or three times at night).

I sleep really well on my futon and have been settling to sleep by myself more often, which means I sleep for longer stretches and give Mummy a few hours to get out with her friends (something she’s only done a couple of times since I was born!). Recently Mummy went out to listen to Jazz at a local bar (not that I knew about it, as I was asleep!), but I did notice that Mummy was looking rather glamorous at 7pm (when she’s usually in her p-jays!).

I love riding my trike and am picking up the pace and becoming quite fast (though not as fast as my big sister – yet!). I’m also starting to run and walk up small steps.

I’m getting more confident to go off on my own and explore, which means Mummy has to keep a very close eye on me when we’re out! The other day she lost me in the house! We were out in the garden playing, when I decided to go up to Charlotte’s room to play with some of her cool toys. I could hear Mummy and Char Char calling for me, but was having so much fun that I kept quiet! Eventually I appeared with a cheeky smile on my face.

Autumn has set in here, with darker evenings, but the weather is still beautiful most days. We’re still making the most of the sunshine at the gardens and beach. I love to go to the playground with my big sister and am quite an adventurous climber.