Are We Ever Good Enough? Mothers.

We give all that we can give. We love with all our hearts. Living with children in our midst, we are living with angels. Each action we take is reflected back ten-fold. Children are from heaven and we endeavour to respect them and bring them up with love and limits. Does any mother in the world ever feel able to truly honour the role they’ve been blessed with? We always strive to do better and are forever learning alongside our children. When we know we could do better the anguish we put upon ourselves is ten-times worse than a bad school report or a bad review at work. When we do a terrible job our children can’t fire us, but they let us know in their reactions.

I am blessed with two beautiful girls and today was Mother’s Day in New Zealand. I know I do ‘okay’. I know what I’m good at and I know where I could do better. I am learning to celebrate my successes, minimize my failings and smooth out the rough edges. I will never be perfect, but I tell myself, ‘It’s okay’. My children need to see me fall and pick myself up, from time to time, in order to learn to do so for themselves. They need to hear me say, ‘I’m sorry,’ and mean it, so that they can comprehend the true meaning of an apology.

Today was a beautiful day (this time last year it rained, but the true British spirit of, ‘We will have fun, whatever the weather,’ prevailed). We were blessed with sunshine and brunched with friends. I am so happy to be a mother and so thankful to my wonderful husband in all the love, time and care he bestows upon me and our girls.

At the Southern Cross, brunching with friends and celebrating ‘Mother’s Day’: