Houghton Bay Tonic

It was one of those days where everything went right. Three girls in the house doesn’t always make for smooth runnings, but with the warm sea breeze and refreshed from a midday nap, both the girls were on a high.

We’d invited the great company of Marrisa and her beautiful daughter Bethany to spend the afternoon. After a herbal cuppa (to the calming melodies of Baroque music) and some play dough creations (freshly made whilst the girls napped – ‘pat on the back’ for Mum!) we were positively charged for some fresh air.

Artemis Tranquilli-Tea – organically grown from local, wildcrafted herbs, a gift from Nature.

We didn’t plan to walk down to Houghton Bay, but the girls ran down the valley from the playground, past the ‘Wind Gardens’ to the Bay (perhaps the blue coloured play dough had given them the instinct to be by the sea). Sophie amazed us all by walking all the way there (and most of the way back) and the colours of dusk tinted the sky with a heavenly glow.

Bethany and Charlotte were quick to start frolicking for beach treasures:

Sophie couldn’t hold back her daring instincts to test her physical capabilities:

Houghton Bay is a regular favourite for local surfers. Situated between Island Bay and Lyall Bay, on the rocky shores of Cook Strait, it provides a captivating viewpoint from which to enjoy sunsets looking over the Strait to the Kaikoura ranges of the South Island.

All the scenery, fresh air and exercise left us all with a natural glow (that only nature can deliver) and the positive vibes continued all the way back home, where the girls enjoyed rummaging through their sea shell collection – leaving the Mums time for another brew.