Family Gatherings

We travelled to Bristol and back (from Fleet) on Sunday. When the British motorways are flowing they are fantastic. Charlotte and Sophie were in awe of the six lanes of fast-flowing traffic. They also enjoyed a stop-off at a British motorway stop, a little different to New Zealand where we plan our trip around various local cafes.

We got there in good time and it was special to be able to actually be present for a relation’s Birthday. The times I miss living in England the most are when we’re not able to be there for family gatherings.

My cousin and his wife have two boys about the same age as Charlotte and Sophie. When we’re in New Zealand I sometimes think that the girls are missing out at not having the opportunity to enjoy forming bonds with their cousins and other relations. It was particularly heart warming to see them hit it off instantly with their ‘second counsins’.

The return journey was made easy with both girls fast asleep the entire way – which was just as well as the going was a little slow in parts! Monsoon rains lashed down on the M4 and then abated as soon as they’d arrived.