Winter to Summer

Coming from a NZ winter to a UK summer has totally confused us all! The girls routine is completely out the window and tonight they went to sleep close to 10pm, waiting for it to get dark! This is fine, but if only they’d sleep in till 10am!

The incessant rain that’s hit the UK over the past month is still lurking across most of the country, but our visit, thus far has been quite blessed with dry spells (apart from a monsoon downpour on the M4 today, returning from Bristol, when the motorway ground to a 15mph crawl!).

Here are the girls LOVING Grandma and Grandad’s garden and playing out in the long, light evening:

We visited ‘The Watercress Line‘ the day after our arrival and Charlotte is extremely excited to hear that ‘Thomas’ is having a ‘party’ in a few week’s time! We saw Devious Diesels face (off the engine) and Charlotte thought that was hilarious.

That same day we stopped via Bird World on our way home and enjoyed a lovely time walking through the gardens, seeing the penguins fed and visiting the ‘petting farm’ (where Charlotte was petrified of the turkeys, but Grandad told her if they came anywhere near her he’d have them both for Christmas dinner).

That evening Dan met up with two old school friends for beers in Fleet. They were a tad loud on their return and woke the girls up at 1am (just what we all needed!). The girls then woke for the day at 4.45am and there was no sympathy for the boys with their hangovers! The girls had them out in the garden playing football.

Yesterday (Saturday) we enjoyed a beautiful visit to Fleet Pond. The last time we were there was with my dear Grandma, when Charlotte was only 10 month’s old! The girls loved feeding the ducks, but a swan nearly had Sophie’s finger off (what is with her and animals – that’s a turtle, a duck and a swan that have all sampled her digit!).

Who can throw their bread the furthest?

And the perfect finish to an English summer’s day – watching a spot of country cricket and getting a chinese take-away!