Milestones Museum: The Way Life Used To Be

I always loved history as a child and it was brilliant to see the awe in my own children’s eyes as we walked the set of a Victorian street at the Milestone’s Museum, in Basingstoke, Hampshire, this week. We are having such a brilliant holiday in the UK and soaking up the history is all part of the fun. They couldn’t quite grasp ‘the way life used to be’ as ‘chicken’ Grandma explained how she used to use a mangle to help with washing and how her Grandfather owned an ironmonger’s shop (a what?!).

Sophie tried to lift an old iron by the gypsy caravan and nearly dropped it on her foot! Charlotte gasped at the penny farthing bicycle and wondered how anyone could keep their balance on such a ridiculous looking mode of transport!

The highlight for both of them was dressing up as postal workers and sorting the mail, before distributing it in the mailbox. They have been particularly interested in the postal system since their Daddy’s return home to New Zealand. We’ve been frequenting the Crookham Village Store and post office to send pictures home to him. The store also sells a lovely array of 1 penny sweets, a major attraction to the girls!