Four Seasons in One Day

The infamous Crowded House song, ‘Four Seasons in One Day,’ certainly rang true in Wellington today!

Helen Leggatt in Canterbury, New Zealand, regularly posts to an online forum about life in New Zealand, which has a weather thread, and people from all over New Zealand post their daily observations. Her San Diego Reader article sums up New Zealand’s crazy micro-climates and unpredictable weather in brilliance.

We made the most of the rare break in this school holiday’s dire weather to visit the Botanical Gardens. We had a fabulous walk up from the Rose Gardens to the Cable Car viewpoint over the city. We then followed the ‘Spring Festival’ flower trail down to the playground, before heading on past The Treehouse visitor centre and down to the tulips.

This year there are some fabulous sculptures exhibited amongst the flowers, which the girls found fascinating.

We finished our walk by heading up to the herb garden and back down to the Rose Gardens.

We visited the fish in the Begonia House and made a very necessary stop at ‘The Picnic’ cafe, where Charlotte chatted away to a group of ‘Grandmas and Grandads’ who were visiting the gardens from a local retirement home – they wanted to take her back with them as their group mascot! She was a real charmer.

In the afternoon the weather was atrocious, with howling gales and rain, but we enjoyed playing at home.