Going to regret this in the morning!

Happy New Year!!!!!!

It is officially 2008 here in New Zealand. Current time is 2:03am and we’ve sunk a bottle of French champagne and a bottle of Kiwi bubbly… the children will, no doubt, wake far too early and we’ll be seriously groucho parents in the morning (oops, tis already the morning). But here’s hopping (or is that hoping – I’m too tired for spell check!) that 2008 is a sunny one…

With plenty of family time…

And sunflowers (that don’t get squashed shortly after the photograph due to a loving hug from the gardener… ouch – that was a moment!):

And plenty of time for tree climbing and hugging…

It was a great year for us. We hope it was for you too?!

And what started out as a very much non-event of a New Year’s Eve, turned out to be a whole lot of fun.

Sophie took a late nap and finally crashed at 10:15pm – after partying with the neighbours; Charlotte crashed at 9:00pm – after a 7:00am start. Dan had to take her for a ‘scenic drive ‘ to see the last sunset of 2007 before she finally realised how tired she was and succumbed to the sandman.

We phoned (or rather woke up) half our relies in the UK. We then went round to our neighbours for a quick ten-minute sing-song of ‘Old Lang Whatsit’ – thankfully someone had some Scottish blood and knew all the lyrics! I asked, “Where is Big Ben?”

“Eh?” was the response.

So we watched the red second hand swinging into action on the kitchen clock and proceeded to blow party noise makers (bearing absolutely no resemblance to a musical instrument) very loudly and hug each other as though it was the last night on earth (bubbly does that – the poor, not quite yet, teenagers, didn’t know what had hit them – but in a few year’s time they sure will!).

Now, finally, we’re retiring to bed… at 2:24am (whilst I’ve been blogging, Dan’s been playing racing car games with other geeks in countries around the globe – he keeps getting beat – guess they must be half his age – and sober).

Tomorrow we’ll do a UK countdown at 1:00pm NZ time (midnight UK time) and listen to all our drunken relies getting their own back!

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008!!!!!