Jamming all weekend… and for a lifetime!

We can’t thank my dearly departed Grandmother enough. She’s brought music to our home in a way we could only have dreamed about.

Our pianos arrived on Friday – a classical upright to fulfill my love of the traditional; and for Dan a digital piano with all the bizz for him to compose a masterpiece! Here’s the girls trying their hand on the classical piano (they are both being brilliant, so far, in washing their hands before playing!):

Dan took the girls out this afternoon so that I could potter in the garden (have a few drinks next door!) and play music. As I finished, with tears in my eyes, a beautiful butterfly flew in the room, circled me a few times and then flew out. I’m a great believer in messages and this natural body of beauty certainly reminded me of my dear Grandmother’s grace.

Earlier in the morning the girls performed a beautiful, spontaneous ballet dance – I love the way children move their bodies so naturally to music:

It’s been a wonderful few days of peaceful harmony at Chez Lee. The good weather continues and we feel so blessed with love, kindness, happiness and music.

We enjoyed a beautifully cooked brunch at Marrisa, Michael and Bethany’s this morning. They are moving to Silverstream – just over a half hour drive from our home – next Saturday. We’ll miss them being so close, but will enjoy driving to a part of Wellington’s greater region that has some beautiful scenery and walks (and steam railway!). Thank you to the Dawes Family for your friendship and great hospitality!

And thank you to my dear Grandma. I know you’re with us and we feel so blessed to be continually touched with your presence. In nature and in music we always feel so close.