Welcome Back Good Friends!

Our dear friends, Avril (left) and Lucy (right), have both recently returned to Aotearoa after a few year’s working in Australia. We have missed them so much and having them back is the best news.

We spent Sunday afternoon catching up and enjoying the stunning sunshine and blissful warmth. After a mammoth BBQ we walked down to Houghton Bay, before returning home to a few vinos (and the rest!). Charlotte and Sophie were so excited at having guests to stay.

Charlotte was particularly ecstatic at having Lucy (aka Aunt Lulu) to stay. They have a very special relationship and Lucy really is like an Aunty to Charlotte. The bond between them brings us all to tears and it was so heart warming to see.

Charlotte spent ages preparing Lucy’s room with a hand-written card, freshly cut lavender and a sunflower from the garden. Lucy stayed with us for four night’s and there’s been so much laughter in the house. Sadly, Lucy had to leave today. She’s setting up home in the South Island – only a short plane ride or trip away on the ferry; but still too far for Charlotte. She insisted Lucy take one of her favourite teddy bears with her. And she kept asking Lucy if she could go with her and stay up late telling funny stories and go on adventures!

Whilst Lucy was in Wellington the pair of them certainly enjoyed a few moments of adrenaline: what with vertical bungy jumping, climbing at Frank Kitt’s playground and tackling the climbing wall at Ferg’s (on Wellington’s waterfront) with ease! Charlotte made it look so easy; but when it was my turn to scale the wall I was amazed at how she’d managed all the stretches and wasn’t at all fearful of the height of the wall.

Sophie enjoyed watching her big sister; but didn’t miss out on all the fun – she loved riding as high as possible on the swing saying, ‘I’m a little bat!’.

After much fun on the waterfront together it was time for Lucy and I to sneek off for some therapy of our own! Dan took the girls down to see some classic and ‘hot rod’ cars, whilst Lucy and I toured the many bars of Wellington! Tee hee! We visited some of our old haunts and some new ones (including Molly Malones; where Lucy’s name is on a plaque for the ‘100 Guinness Pint’ club! I’m proud to say that Dan, Charlotte and I were with her when she had the 100th pint!). We caught far too much sun, had some soul reviving deep and meaningful chats, laughed a lot and had a few too many ‘for the road’… It was just what we both needed.

We feel like a big part of our ‘whanau’ has returned and are very lucky to have been touched by the blessings of awesome friends.

And long may this good weather continue! ‘Chicken’ Grandma and Grandad leave the UK on Wednesday and will be arriving in New Zealand next week. Here’s wishing for lots more sunshine, days in the garden and discoveries at the beach.

Charlotte at Island Bay Marine Centre (on Sunday) and Sophie in the garden: