Thank you Grandma and Grandad

Grandma and Grandad

Thank you for…

All the cuddles, kisses, tickles and love;
Grandma for gentle combing of tangled hair (a purple comb would be brilliant!);
Grandad for his jokes, tickles and crazy fun in the swimming pool;
Grandma for story telling and messages of love from the heart;
Grandad for taking photographs of a nursery-web spider’s web whilst in the South Island;
Always thinking of us and keeping us in your hearts;
Remembering we love Hector’s Dolphins and taking special photographs of them off the coast of Akaroa;
Helping us learn that distance is nothing when we can hold our love and memories close in our hearts;
Playing with us on the beach and at the playgrounds;
Dancing with us;
Having crazy car races on the living room floor;
Cuddles on your bed singing nursery rhymes;
Grandad hugs to Sophie whilst watching Thomas the Tank Engine;
Grandma playing the piano for us and teaching us the beauty of music;
Grandad and Grandma taking us to the Zoo and Karori Wildlife Sanctuary and sharing a love of nature;
Grandad belaying for Charlotte on the climbing wall;
Grandma and Grandad being an inspiration in walking The Tongariro Crossing;
Grandma helping Mummy with a four-month back-log of ironing!;
Unending patience and incredible stamina;
Eyes that sparkle and smiles that speak volumes;
Arms so warm we could melt in their embrace;
And thank you, thank you, thank you, for making our Mummy.

Your love continues through into the next generation.

It’s thanks to you and your brilliant guidance, love, patience and inspiration that our Mummy and Daddy can give us the best start in life.

We will do you proud.

We love you and we treasure the time we’ve shared together. We can’t wait for more adventures in the future.

Thank you,

Charlotte & Sophie