Action Family!

Today, Chez Lee certainly lived up to this! After spending the first few hours of the day clearing out our dustbin on wheels (you could call it a car), cleaning the art-room/laundry (it looked like the aftermath of a paint ball session!) and doing the other mandatory house-hold chores we were keen for some action in the sunshine.

Yesterday, we’d had a fabulous day and Charlotte had seen a young child out on a kayak in the harbour – needless to say she was keen to have a go! She woke up this morning focused on action and we were easy to persuade. We didn’t anticipate that Sophie might be able to kayak and she was keen to have a go at the Vertical Bungy – so first call – our little two year old went flying! She has no fear and absolutely loved it. She had everyone in raptures. She has no fear and definitely has the Kiwi spirit – such an adrenaline junky!

When it came to hiring the kayaks we were delighted to discover they had a life-jacket small enough for Sophie and out we went. We had a beautiful time on the harbour. It was so calm and it was the first time Dan and I had been out on the water in years (definitely prior to children!). It was so exciting to be out on the water with our girls and have a taste of all the adventures we have to share with them. Sophie and I kayaked out to the marina before she asked to head back and have an ice-cream! Dan and Charlotte kayaked on to Oriental Parade and round the water fountain!

Afterwards, we visited the Rainbow Warrior and the girls had their faces painted. They were chanting, ‘Go Rainbow Warrior’ in front of the ship!

After the morning’s excitement Dan desperately needed some ‘man-food’ and he suggested we dine out at Shed 5. It was magic! The girls were happy with a plate of gourmet chips and sauce; whilst we dined something a little more refined! Though the girls happily sampled our food – including prawns, fresh fish and mini samosas.

We finished up with a play at Frank Kitt’s and ice-creams. Sophie was keen to play hide and seek on the beautiful City to Sea bridge connecting Civic Square to the Waterfront.

It was such a delightful day, we never wanted it to end. Unfortunately we had to get home to finish our chores… the rain over the past few weekends has made it difficult to mow the lawn and Dan filled up twelve loads in our overflowing compost bin! The girls were so happy to fall asleep in their beds after such a magic day.

We HEART Wellington! We really have had the best weekend in ages. It felt like a holiday. We’re now looking forward to our long-weekend break in Nelson next weekend – let’s hope we get some more good weather – especially for our ferry crossing on the Cook Strait!