Highs and Lows of a day with preschoolers!

This morning was perfect in every way. The girls woke at 7am and were so enthused by the day – I love it when they wake up like that! Sophie was trying to serenade us on the piano, whilst Charlotte headed straight to the art-room (my laundry room) and conjured up one of her numerous creations that are rapidly covering every surface of the house!

After breakfast we headed off for Kindi and were greeted to the wonderful sight of dolphins hungrily fishing in Lyall Bay. They were cavorting in such an energetic display that they were making a break wave all of their own. Watching the surfers rolling in the waves before them was breathtaking and a moment of really being in ‘The Now’. No thoughts of past or future crossed my mind; just a blissful awareness of the moment of the present. And every day is just that, a present.

After Kindi drop-off I took Sophie to Wellington’s beautiful waterfront where we played at Frank Kitt’s Park, looked for fish off the wharf, marvelled at The Rainbow Warrior currently moored at Queen’s Wharf and spotted numbers and letters on our walk to the museum; where we spent a wonderful hour in one of the incredible discovery centres. Te Papa always works hard to provide new and exciting discoveries for our children and I am such a regular that I know many of the staff on first name terms. We are so fortunate to have such an incredible learning facility for free (though we do contribute to it in our taxes!).

This afternoon the girls and I enjoyed more dolphin spotting at Lyall Bay before returning home for some baking and arts and crafts. Both the girls are so enthusiastic with their artwork at the current time. My postage costs are dramatically on the increase with a never-ending flow of creativity. I’m well stocked up with impromptu Birthday cards and artwork for friends and relatives (as well as hand-painted wrapping paper!).

This was the scene today in my kitchen – artwork drying everywhere! [Please note: all the dirty dishes were quickly moved out of the camera’s view! And, “I spy something beginning with the letter W, can you guess?”. A clue: It’s red and you can drink it – it’s also necessary for my survival as a parent – but only in moderate doses – otherwise I can’t function the next day!]

But, as the afternoon continued and the girls tiredness of a busy week caught up with them it was time for a change of scene. I tried playing a little Bach and Beethoven on the piano – which helped for ten minutes – but after a while, no distractions were working. The local playground is often just the ticket when the four walls of home aren’t kicking it. Unfortunately today wasn’t quite that! Sophie started off by bowling over a little girl and spending some time-out on a bench. Charlotte then started acting like a two year old – bless her – she is only the size of your average two or three year old (currently at 3% for her age on the growth charts)! I had to get them home quickly; with Charlotte screaming her lungs off!

We’re now at home, with dinner in front of them and Sophie in danger of falling asleep in her food. I best get them up to bed soon before they get a second wind!

I’m really looking forward to a glass of red wine and relaxing this evening!

Hope you’ve all had a good week and enjoy a wonderful weekend!

UPDATE: Girls both asleep by 7pm! I’m not even thinking about what time they’ll be up in the morning – just going to focus on ‘being in the NOW’ – the NOW is SO good!