Rainbows and Parties

It’s rainbow and party season at the moment. After a lovely morning to myself at the hairdressers, drinking coffee and catching up on all the gossip, I met up with Dan and the girls (who’d taken the bus into town and braved Te Papa on a rainy Saturday) for ‘Yum Cha’ at Big Thumb. We love Yum Cha as the food is brought round on trays before you’ve barely had a chance to take your seats. Each tray is a surprise and the girls love it. There’s no long deliberation over the menu and waiting for the food – perfect when dining with children!

We zipped home to change into our party clothes and then headed to Charli’s friend’s house. Charli’s friend lives in a house balanced on the edge of a cliff (like many houses in Wellington!). The views are absolutely incredible (above photo taken from their lounge!). Dan and I sat in a trance staring out at the view (the trance had nothing to do with the beer and wine we were drinking – these people have a dedicated, glass fronted, wine fridge in their kitchen!).

The girls had a blast icing their own fairy cakes (now that’s a great idea!) and the Birthday cake was amazing (though Charli declined a piece saying, ‘I’ve already had enough sugar, thank you,’ and continued to add, ‘But my little sister loves sugar.’).

The party was so relaxed and great fun – a magical highlight was the rainbows – which had all the children clamoring at the window in excitement! And I had to add this lovely photo of Charli with her Daddy (and baby!):

The girls went off to sleep beautifully, but Charli is asking, ‘How many more days of the holiday do I have?’ When I replied, ‘Eight’, she wasn’t too happy; ‘But I thought I had ten.’ She’s got mixed feelings about school, which is to be expected – it must be so very daunting to her – and me! I’ll just have to find the strength to keep encouraging her (when I’d rather keep her all to myself!).

This evening, I’m being a geek whilst the rugby is on… good friend Lulu is round and I’m laughing at the banter coming from the couch!

Meanwhile, I’m loving my new cut and colour and just have to add a photo – because by tomorrow it won’t look like this! And with the howling southerlies, and not a spare half hour in the day to blow-dry my hair, it won’t look like this again till my next visit to the hairdressers! This photo’s for my Mum and Dad – see I am looking after myself! πŸ™‚ Love you! x