Bloomin Beautiful!

Just a quick post of some sunny cheer before we finally head off. It really was magnificent today and with the clocks having sprung forward we really are embracing the lighter evenings and warmer days.

We joined the celebrations of the Spring Festival at the Botanical Gardens today. Poor ‘ole Charli still isn’t A1 and drifted in and out of sleep in the buggy, but managed a few smiles and chuckles at her crazy little sister – who didn’t stop dancing to the music amongst the tulips. Sophie wanted to literally run through the flower beds and wasn’t too pleased with my, ‘Look, but don’t touch!’. Thankfully, she didn’t put up too much of a fuss over it though and soon found a patch of grass to shake her moves.

We joined the throngs at the playground too – where surprisingly we came, went and left with no tears and heard only laughter. The blossom tree that greeted us as we walked up the hill to the play area was absolutely splendid against the bright, blue sky. And the magnolia tree at the Sound Shell provided the most tranquil of shade from which to sit and enjoy the music and dancing.

Sophie couldn’t wait to step through the key-hole and play with the other children at the playground – taking her place eagerly in the cue for the flying-fox and the giant slide! And then, she was ready for a quick picnic to fuel her important ‘fairy work’ – opening up any remaining tulip buds.

We’re wondering how long this little fairy will be happy to stay seated in the car tomorrow! We suspect we’ll be making stops aplenty to inspect the flowers at every park along the way. She certainly got plenty of practice in today and her fairy wings had a very good work out!

She had everyone charmed – even the ducks! We finished up at the Rose Gardens, where there was more delightful music and Sophie couldn’t resist running up to the Tuba player and trying to tickle his knee whilst he played!

And now the car is packed and the house is all quiet – except for the whir of the dishwasher and the sound of my fingers on the keyboard. My eyes are heavy, my body is tired, it’s time to dream of sunshine, flowers and holidays. xx