We Are Family

What a weekend! Spring really is upon us and here’s a little video clip of our family fun on Wellington’s Waterfront on Saturday (with plenty of hooning around and shoddy camera work!):

Sunday was a trooper of a day too. We always love chilling out at home on a Sunday morning (and catching up with house chores – much less loved!). We rolled open the ranch slider doors and welcomed in the sunshine. The girls raced round the house on their hobby horses playing various imaginary games. At one point I was being ‘forced’ to eat a chickpea in pretense of being ‘Tinkerbell’ and taking poison in a jealous fit at Peter Pan and Wendy’s friendship (which simply resulted in a few less than savory trumps later in the day!). Later, mid-way through a catch-up with a friend in England, I heard the call to board a chalk space-ship on the drive-way… never a dull moment!

We had a beautiful afternoon of swimming and catching up with our friends Lucy and Avril in Brooklyn (and going full throttle on the flying foxes in Central Park!).

Later on, just as we were settling down to eat dinner, the phone rang… no it wasn’t someone trying to sell us something – it was much, much better. When the phone rang I immediately shot Dan the look, ‘I’m not answering it!’. The caller was our neighbour’s son requesting to speak to me about something urgently (most mysterious). I wolfed down my dinner and headed next-door. Surprise! Tickets to the dress rehearsal of ‘WOW‘ (The World of Wearable Arts)! I was blown away and full of ‘Are you sure your Mum doesn’t want to go?’, but she convincingly told me she would be delighted if I went with her other son (who’s a great laugh and 19 something) to watch it (her younger son is performing in the show – hence the free tickets!). I am deeply touched and so excited (as I really don’t get out much and this is sure to be a tantalizing treat for the senses – even if it is the dress rehearsal!).

So… that’s all folks for now! Tis Monday now and all is well. Everyone’s upstairs in bed and that’s where I’m heading pronto! It’s been a beaut day with SJ and Charli is such a big school girl now. We picked her up and headed to the swimming pool (we can’t keep away from the water!) and didn’t get back till 5.30pm. I was about to get dinner on, but we didn’t make it from the garage into the house till nearly 6.00pm as I suddenly came up with the crazy idea of making masks (must be the WOW thing running through my head!). Anyway, as a parting shot, here’s Charli’s mask (all set for the Ball!):

Princess Charlotte all set for a masquerade ball!