Winter Saturday


So much fun on one Winter Saturday…

And in between the crazy balloon chasing, roller blading, soccer and swimming, there was painting, piano playing, games of connect four and dinosaur top trumps. Purrrrrfect!

  • Chicken Grandma

    What fantastic fun you had on a Winter’s day in Wellington!! Those balloons were so much fun and we had a giggle as the girls raced after them along the gorgeous beach at Lyall bay.
    What super roller blading stars you are…Grandma and Grandad wanted a go!!! Hope you won your soccer Dan and then a lovely swim to boot….wet and windy here today so we are in keeping with your weather.Won’t need to water the garden this evening for sure !!

    Thanks folks, unfortunately he didn’t win – but had a great game (he did better in the second half, when the girls came along to cheer him on – though it was quite cold – so we spent most of it in the club house eating crisps and drinking orange juice!). The swim was fabulous. We spent an hour and a half chucking ourselves around in the water. Just the tonic. Hope the wind and rain leaves you soon – and does a great job of watering the garden x


  • Ruta M

    Lots of amazing activities going on. You must all be as fit as fiddles with so much exercise. It’s too easy to find reasons not to go out and have fun when your kids are grown up and doing their own things. I mean there’s always exciting stuff like housework or catching up on paperwork to be done. It’s stopped raining for a moment, must go and do some gardening.

    Oh Ruta, they certainly do keep us on our feet! I have to say I don’t think I could manage your sterling efforts of 500 sit-ups at a time though! Enjoy the sunshine and time in the garden.


  • Looks like a great day. That sky is so pretty!

    It was a crazy, fun-filled day and the sky changes very quickly in these parts at the moment! x