Inspiration and the joy of music

I was sat having a momentary cuppa and a glance over my friends’ Facebook updates when I came across the wonderful Katie of ‘Kate5Kiwis‘ update. She’d posted up a video of her son, Charlie, playing the most beautiful piano piece by Ludovico Einaudi called ‘Primavera’. I was held captivated and had to get my hands on that piece of music straight away. Thankfully the wonders of the Internet came up with ‘‘, where free piano sheet music is available!

primavera by Ludovico Einaudi

I am so thankful to Katie and her son for introducing me to this wonderful composer and I’ve been away in another world playing Einaudi’s music. From time to time my own daughter, Charlotte (aka Charli), asks me to play the piano as she drifts off to sleep (her bedroom is next to the lounge and the piano is on the other side of the wall to her bed).

Charli has also been loving the music and I think it’s just marvellous how the Internet can bring so much inspiration. Thanks Katie for sharing your special moment!

I also had a very perfect moment yesterday evening. Charli asked me to play Christmas carols and sat on the piano stool next to me. As we sang she placed her left hand on mine and followed my fingers as I played the chords. I glanced at her and she smiled up at me. I said, ‘I love that you are getting into music so much,’ and she replied, very simply, ‘I’m getting older Mummy’. This is what life’s about 🙂 x