Let the holiday begin!

Well, I’m not quite sure how much of a holiday it will be for me – cook, cleaner, laundry maid, entertainer, driver, organiser of toys, games, arts & crafts…

This afternoon Charli finished at 1pm and we spent an hour on the school field having a little picnic I’d prepared earlier. After that, the girls were keen to head to the beach and make the most of the glorious sunshine and NO wind! An hour of splashing in the sea, being pulled along in the shallows by Mummy dearest on their boogie boards and making sand cakes in their frisbees we were ready to head home. I don’t think I sat down for the entire hour; toilet stops in turn, washing ‘ouchie’ salt off skin, slapping on sunscreen, replacing sun-hats and mediating the occasional disagreement on frisbee games. It was fun, but I was glad to be home and must take some time this summer, whilst Dan is home, to head to the beach on my own for an hour with a good book.

When we got home, my friend Kathy popped round with her boys, Hawk and Hayden, and we had a lovely little catch-up. We’ll miss them when they head home to Perth early next year. Our parents were school friends and it’s been lovely having the past year and a bit to get to know one another (Kathy’s parents emigrated to Perth when she was a child). It sure is a small world at times!

After our friends left the girls were ready to chill – but that hasn’t meant any chilling for me as I’ve been busy in the kitchen filling hungry tummies, cleaning up the dirty dishes, wiping down the kitchen and trying to do some laundry in between.

A friend on Facebook asked me earlier, ‘Where do you get your energy from?’ – seriously – I don’t know! I try not to ever let the thought of being tired ever enter my head. I rarely sit down and just keep going. When the girls are happily playing I make haste to get some house-work done.

In nine week’s time, when bubs arrives, I know I will be overwhelmingly tired, wishing I could drop to sleep for a nap. I’ll be forced to sit down a lot to feed baby and whilst sat down I know I shall be casting my eye over the housework and thinking, ‘I really want to get to that, but I can’t…’ and I’m going to have to let things drop for a while and allow things to descend into a little chaos for a few months… to a year!

I had on my mind to start on cleaning the laundry/art room and garage this evening, but my little cherubs are keeping me happily occupied. Charli’s just dug out the Christmas carols book from the piano stool and we’ve had half an hour singing along whilst Sophie has had a quick play in the shower.

They now have a new dash of energy and with nothing to get up for in the morning I’ve sent them back out into the garden. They are happy bouncing on the trampoline, doing tandem ‘bum bounces’. I must get out and water the garden.

Dan’s home in a while and he’ll be glad of some time with his girls. He’s been incredibly busy of late – which of course is a good thing when running your own business. YouDo has been nominated for three different ‘Onyas‘ – a celebration of New Zealand’s web industry and business is, thankfully, thriving.