Sophie is 4!

Sophie: ‘I’m 4 today aren’t I Mummy?’

Mummy: ‘Erm, yes dear.’

(Thinking, actually in another two hour’s time at 8.30am you will be!)

Sophie: ‘I don’t feel any bigger. Should I feel different?’

Mummy: ‘Well you’ve grown a lot in a year.’

Sophie: ‘Will there be presents under the tree?’

Mummy: ‘No, not today, but there are pressies.’

Sophie: ‘Can I go downstairs now please?’

Mummy: ‘Yes, Daddy will take you, but be quiet as Charli is still asleep. You can play with some of your presents from Christmas, but wait till Charli’s awake before opening your Birthday pressies.’

(Thinking I’ll get in a bit more sleep… but Charli wakes up at 7am and then I have to get myself downstairs – ah well, it’s all worth it).

Here’s the Birthday girl in photos. We had a fabulous day…

This is the year that Sophie…

  • Started Kindi.
  • Learned to ride a bike without stabilizers.
  • Started sleeping happily all night without needing Mummy to share the futon half way through (though still has a teeny weeny feed from Mummy before bed!).
  • Reached daring heights of climbing.
  • Learned to roller-blade and particularly likes to whizz around the super-market on wheels.
  • Did not stop talking.
  • Learned to swim without arm-bands and be happy under water.
  • Developed a wicked laugh combined with an, at times, twisted sense of humour and became progressively more cheeky.
  • Learned to write her name and other letters.
  • Learned to count past 20 and count backwards from 10.
  • Ate more than her weight in ice-creams and ice-lollies.
  • Got her first drum-kit and became addicted to Hi-5.
  • Started a collection of fairy-books, Mr Men and still enjoys ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’.
  • Developed an interest in baking.
  • Spent most of her time hanging upside down and trying to do headstands.
  • Here’s the BIG video of her magic day. We love you Sophie! It’s been a fabulous day, but Mummy and Daddy are desperate for some sleep now xx !!!